There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Inappropriate Clothing

This past weekend we got to sing some hiking songs as we traveled up to Joutunheimen for our reindeer safari and 7 hour hike. The reindeer were pretty neat, and what do you know, Lars was our reindeer expert and guide! It was great to have a break from the busy city life in Oslo, social media, and homework. I enjoyed having time to enjoy the scenery and get to know my fellow hikers. I’m sorry I didn’t take many pictures, you’ll have to come see this gorgeous place for yourself.

On Saturday we took the plunge, literally, into 38 degree emerald green glacier water at 10pm while it was raining. It was great, you should try it sometime. We joked about this as a metaphor for our summer, but in a way we are jumping into the unknown. Our research will take us in many different directions, and our lives after this summer are undetermined as many of us enter our senior years and decide what direction we want to go after graduation.

The “forecast” for our hike on Sunday predicted thunder and lightning with rain all day so unfortunately we didn’t get to climb up the famous Besseggen Ridge trail. I’ll save that for my next trip to Norway, Peace Scholar reunion? We hiked on the Bukkelægeret trail along the side of lake Gjende and across some waterfalls. Although it was raining, it was probably the most fun I’ve had here so far. Our group worked well as a team, building rock bridges to cross the waterfalls and helping each other up the difficult rocky slopes. I also took the trip as a challenge to see just how waterproof my hiking boots were. In case you were wondering, Keens are waterproof until you are submerged in ankle deep water jumping across a waterfall.

Today my professor asked what we all did this weekend and for those of us that went on the hiking excursion she said we got the real Norwegian experience. In Norway there is no such thing as a forecast because the weather can go from 70 degrees and sunny to pouring rain within an hour. The key is to always be prepared. I think this is true, but this weekend taught me to just enjoy the moment, no matter how much rain. Also, don’t hike with your rain-jacket hood on, you won’t see as much.





3 thoughts on “There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Inappropriate Clothing

  1. Aimee…
    Yes, I am very familiar with this expression! My nursing students from Norway shared this “wisdom with me the first time I went to Norway in January 2006!”
    I was so thrilled to read about your hiking experiences and eager to see you when you return to Augie! Make the most of each precious moment in Norway! See you when you return! Safe travels & blessings always, Pam

  2. Hi Aimee,
    Sounds like you are having a great time! I will be great to see you and visit about you experiences. When will you be back in the US?
    Have a great day,

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