The Amazing Race Comes to Oslo

What do Peace Scholars do in their free time? Get creative and make city wide scavenger hunts, that’s what. We considered Survivor on one of the islands, but decided that could escalate quickly.

It was a week long process, but on Saturday we finally had our Amazing Race. Andrew, the game creator and host, made all of the clues from our suggestions throughout the week. We even had a budget…that’s how serious this was. Some of our group was out on excursions, so our four teams of two had to do. Aseel and I decided to start the game running more for effect than with the intention of running the whole game. Brad and Eleni (Team Augsburg) took us seriously and ran all over the city. Needless to say they won.

A few highlights from our Amazing Race:

– On the metro I started asking two Norwegian women where we should go because we were “new” to the city. One woman told us to go to the toilet in the Opera House. Of course we did. In case you were wondering, the bathrooms look like large icebergs.
– Aseel and I sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” on top of the Opera House. Everyone stared at us.
– I planked on the statue of FDR.
– We filmed our Steve Irwin inspired video at Ensjø station. Aseel pretended to be a frog (she didn’t want to be a crocodile) and we played leap frog while people got on and off the metro. The Norwegians looked very concerned…

Team Augsburg won hands down. Annie and Amy came in second, Katie and Maddie third, and Aseel and I last. We took things at a more leisurely pace. All in all it was a successful afternoon!







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